Monday, July 13, 2009

May I have the Envelope Please?!

"And the winner is....Dave Palfreyman."

After so many weeks of more and more bad news, we have heard back from the insurance company. They have agreed to pay for the TheraSphere treatment. We just found this out this morning. Dave is fortunate to have some very close friends in just the right places. Fortunately, one of those friends made a call and pushed this through for us. I don't know that I can express how much of a relief this is. We have been more and more concerned about Dave's quality of life. So this is especially good news given that the alternative treatment often has very horrible side effects. We are so grateful that this treatment is available for Dave. We are hopeful that it will lengthen and improve his quality of life.

Timeline for Treatments:
Dave will finish radiation next Wednesday July 22 and will start TheraSphere treatment on Wednesday July 29. I believe he just has to go in the one time for this. If they opt to do more treatments, (they may do 2 or 3) they will be space out a few weeks to months apart.


  1. Dave,
    Good luck with the new treatment. We are always thinking of you. Hope I see you this fall at some UV games. I need another hand hauling hay, are you available. Ha, Ha. See ya soon.
    Steve Gardner

  2. This was the best piece of news I had on my birthday! Please tell Kurt that ALL of us are so very grateful for his intervention and that he is a good and true friend to the Palfreyman family. Here is hoping that everything will go as it should and that we will have many, many more years with you in our lives, David.