Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dave's Golf Tournament

As you can tell, I am a little slow about getting things done lately. I apologize for that. I should have put these pictures up last Friday. At any rate, Dave’s golf tournament was a huge success . The weather was beautiful and participants were able to enjoy the quiet calm of Utah Lake views all morning. Talon’s Cove in Saratoga Springs hosted the event. It is a beautiful course and our family is grateful for their help and would encourage all of you Golfers to go out and enjoy that course.
Many of Dave’s friends and family came to show their support. More than 100 people played yesterday. Dave was able to attend the luncheon, catered by Talon’s Cove, and shared a few touching stories about old friends and his recent experiences with his family since the news of the cancer. He was full of energy and grateful to be with so many loved ones. He expressed his deep appreciation for the support of the players and donators, and expressed his firm commitment to give this cancer the best fight he has. Thank you to all of our friends, family, and members of the community who have shown their support! We also send a HUGE thank you to Steve Watts and the Talon’s Cove Golf Course crew for hosting the tournament.

These are pictures of the luncheon after the golf tournament.

Dave and Kaylene

Matt and Kelly Palfreyman, and Kris Coles

More of Dave's Family

On the left is his sister Annette, her grandson, daughter, son-in-law and his dad. On the right is Dave's father Kent, and his wife Janet.

These are some of Dave's friends and coworkers from Bank of Utah.

We are pleased to announce that Dave's still up for a good time!

More of Dave's friends

More of Dave's friends!

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