Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dave's Treatments --

1. Nexavar – a pill to stop the growth of the tumor
2. Radiation – the typical radiation treatment
3. Therasphere – a new form of direct radiation (it will be concentrated in the tumor)

Dave started the Nexavar last Thursday. He has had only a few side affects. He has had some itching and a dry throat and mouth. He also has been very tired from this medication. He goes in and out of phases where he feels really energized and phases where he feels really tired. I feel like it’s a good sign that some days he has a lot of energy.

When they start the radiation treatment, it will be full blast. They will use the highest dose that they can to attack the tumors on the lymph nodes. I will let you know more about this soon.

Dave will hopefully start the Therasphere next Tuesday. First, it is necessary to find out if his blood vessels in and around the liver are in tact or if they are damaged. Today he went in for a mapping procedure to find that out. This procedure is much like the treatment itself except that the doctor injected a dye (rather than the radiation) today. (Details about this treatment are listed on the posting “Therasphere Treatment Postponed”) The doctor can see where the dye goes and that will let him know if it will be safe for Dave to have the Therasphere treatment. If the blood vessels are damaged, the dye will go into his lungs and GI Tract. If that happens, the dye won’t hurt him, but the radiation from the Therasphere would so they won’t do the procedure. The nurse told Kaylene that if he is not a candidate for the Therasphere treatment the doctor would call with another treatment plan. It will be a week or two before we know the results from the mapping procedure. However, he will be scheduled for treatment as soon as the results come in.The mapping went well. I thought he would be tired and ‘out of it’ tonight, but he is awake and alert. The doctor told him that he needs to be up and walking around more. They want to make sure he doesn’t end up with a blood clot. He went for a brief walk around the house and out onto the porch this evening with his sweetheart.


  1. Thanks again for the update. It is so helpful to know what is going on. You do such a good job at explaining things. Give Dave a big squeeze and a hug for us! Love you guys!

  2. I'm glad things are going well with getting the treatments set up so far. Thanks for the update. We're thinking about you, Dave!

  3. So glad things are moving forward.....hate to just sit and wait when that ol' tumor is having its way. hopefully the 'zappers' can have at it soon.

    Best wishes,

    Cindi and Sterling Sainsbury

  4. Thanks for your comments to Dave. He loves to read them!

  5. We just got back from Missouri and heard the news. Our prayers are certainly with Dave and all his family. Let us know if there is anything we can help with.

    Brent and Jo-Anne