Friday, June 5, 2009

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

If only it were that easy. Actually Dave is very blessed to have scheduled appointments with some VERY good doctors.

We don’t know anything new just yet. We anticipate a lot of new information and progress over the next few days. Dave has an appointment today at 4 pm with Dr. Wallentine, who is an Oncologist at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. I believe is the best that they have. Dave also has an appointment on Monday with Dr. Watson who does “Liver Treatment” in relation to cancer and diseases. I am not sure what that means, but I will find out. Prior to that appointment Dave will have a biopsy done to find out what is going on with the swollen lymph nodes. Tuesday they have an appointment with Dr. Ott who is a surgeon. He should tell us what specifically needs to happen for Dave to have surgery. We are hoping that these doctors will get him started on some sort of treatment plan right away. Please help us by praying for this. Please also know that you are all in our prayers of gratitude for the many loving friends and family members that Dave is blessed to know.

Dave had a rough day yesterday. He had a high fever, was nauseated, exhausted, and had difficulty eating. (This is different from earlier this week when he was feeling alert and comfortable. His wife Kaylene, and daughters Amber and Julia, are taking really good care of him. He is in good hands. Dave says he feels much better today and has much more energy.

After speaking with some close friends this morning, his spirits are higher. Dave spoke with Ellen Matthiais Porter who was in the Young Ambassador’s with him at BYU many years ago. He also spoke with Mike Westfall who is a former mission companion in the Germany, Central mission which is in Dusseldorff. Dave expressed to me that his spirits were really low this morning but after speaking with those good friends, he feels a great deal better. Dave really appreciates all of the comments and phone calls. They have helped keep him hopeful.

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  1. We are praying for you, Dave! We are hopeful that all of the news from your doctors will be good news. What a blessing to have so many good friends! We are praying for Denise and for your children and grandchildren, too We look forward to meeting your new wife, Kaylene. Keep your spirits up! Your Heavenly Father loves you very much and so do many others. Love, Elder Scott and Sister Gayle Jordan Randall Kenya Nairobi Mission